Thursday, October 9

Peach Picks: Autumn Head Gear

(Upcycled Green Chasmere Cap from littlebyrdortmund)

Happy Thursday!

This weeks Peach Picks were inspired by the lovely and most talented, Susan of Art Kitten :) She commented last week "I need a new fall hat, that is what I am on the look out for now..."

Well look no further! Or... at least.... start here:

berries and wheat granny square crochet beanie hat from hodgepodgefarm

Adult Wool Hat from roundabout

Sweet Jane Cashmere Hat from adventuresofjr

Fall Colored Earflap Hat from Unraveled

october bliss from FlyingKitesCreations

Night fall from tomokotahara

Fiji Shadows-Brown and blue fitted hat. from kindofcool

smoke (cowl / head thread) from artish

Autumn Fairy Hood in Fuzzy Warm Shades from fairytalefibers

Baby Boomer Blue Fall/Winter Handknit Scarf and Hat from purlharborknits

And remember, I'm always listening..... Who said that??


f2images said...

Love the upcycled green cashmere hat. It has such a timeless elegance, and love that photo too. ;)

picciolo said...

I wish I was a hat person! I only wear one when I am cycling and it is raining, I would definately choose the first one, I love littlebyrds things
: )

Leanne said...

Alright! Autumn Head Gear!! I'm a fan of Little Byrd's blog and her shop. That Orange and Green wool hat is so pretty.

*I mentioned my new "Versailles earrings" on my blog. Thanks again. Your work is lovely.

Julia said...

HURRRAYYYY! I love Little Byrd's hat at the top! Yum, yum!

Great Peach pick my peach! :)


missknits said...

wow all those hats are awesome!! great finds!

please sir said...

Great picks - how to decide? They all look warm and fuzzy!

eNVe said...

I'm in agreement with f2images.. love that cashmere hat. can't go wrong with cashmere! Also like fiji shadows and october bliss.. great names too!

Melissa said...

Great hat picks! Which one are you getting????

Franco said...

Hey, I've often seen you commeneting on other blogs and your name really attracted me, peachtree, becasue I live in a town called peachtree city, anyaways I never checked your blog, don't know why, but I'm glad I did, it's so cute and artsy.
I would love to exachange links.
Let me know. :)

ps: If you love woold HATS you'll die when you see these:

Alyssa said...

Nothing beats a great hat:) I am a huge fan of little byrd's designs!!

littlebyRD said...

Oh wow! Thanks! I was flattered to be included in this list of gorgeous hats you've picked!!