Thursday, September 18

Peach Picks: Puppets

(cute bunny egg warmer / hand puppet from RedMush)

Ever since our Muppet visit down Sesame Lane, I've had puppets on the brain! Here are a few fantastically crafty goodies I dug up :)

Zizzor - Decorative Paper Puppet Scissors from crankbunny

Harvest Gnome Finger Puppet from cherylasmith

Frog Finger Puppet from gowheele

Reggie, Charlie and Ted from RedMarionette

Hand Shadow Puppet of Dog from ZoeChen

Shadow Screen from owlyshadowpuppets

Moustache finger puppet from AnnieCho

natalia from nonis

This evening when you're settling into bed, I urge you all to get out your flashlights, aim to the sky and give the best darn shadow puppet show this town has ever seen!


~sjts said...

Oh, these puppets are soooo cute!!!!

Jaimee said...

Those Scissors and Puppet Theatre are Fantastic!!!! LOVE THEM!!!

missknits said...

ahh! now i want those finger puppets! too cute!

amy said...

MUST get that shadow theater for my nephews!!!

Elizabeth said...

Who knew there were such excellent puppets on etsy? Love those bunny finger puppets.

please sir said...

Awww too funnnn!!!

Rosebud Collection said...

What cute puppets..Some people are so clever..