Friday, September 19

Made possible by Bloggers like you

You guys are the best :) But really, you guys are the BEST! Not only are your blogs insightful and inspiring, but MAN are you talented!! I had some time last weekend to really look through some of your profiles and realized many of you are not only crafty but have your own gorgeous little shops on Etsy!

So, this is my ode to you :) I'm sure I missed a few people here and there but I wanted to share what I've discovered so far!

Sea Spray Mist Lacy Scarf from MyissaG

FuLL HeArT from thepeachpit

LaLa Deux Earrings from ValerieTyler

Day Sleeper ACEO Print from artkitten

Camping 1952 from everydaymoments

Still Life Photography - Threads from cornflowerbluestudio
(the sweet little sweater has disappeared but I thought this was equally as lovely!)

Dorothy's Poppy Journal from RedOtter

noemi necklace from thebline

Vintage Mirror from revampboutique

Snake Skin Bracelet from nanouke

Citrus Sparkle Bracelet from lillyella

Eco-Friendly Metamorphosis cards from staceywinters

I have a lot more discovery in my future!! Have a wonderful weekend!!


ana carina said...

Ohh, what an amazing surprise!

Thank you Amy, you're so nice!
I luv you too :)*


moxylyn said...

They are all wonderful. Really loving that scarf!

missknits said...

what a great idea! and very sweet!

Jaimee said...

Back at cha...thanks for the support and inspiration!

please sir said...

Oh wow such a great round-up and thanks for the new links!

Art Kitten said...

Amy :) What a nice surprise! Beautiful goods your blogging friends make, aren't they? Thank you :)

Elizabeth said...

What talented folks! I love the citrus sparkle bracelet and that 1952 camping photo.

Rosebud Collection said...

Great picks..Good job and thanks for sharing..

Melissa said...

Awww! Thank you! You always find some of the most amazing picks. I now have some new favorites. :)

amy said...

etsy = hours of endless pleasure and entertainment!

the b-line said...

Aw, shucks! It's so sweet of you to include me in this terrific roundup! You know I look to your blog (and many of these) for inspiration. Thanks for keeping the bar high!

wunderbug said...

thanks for sharing all of these great finds! :)

i love it when i find a blogger with an etsy shop.. or vice versa, when i just happen to find a blog that is authored by one of my etsy favourites (like when i found moop's blog the other day...)

Rachel said...

Thanks for including me in this post! I really enjoy seeing the items you feature!

Julia said...

Peach, my darling Peach, you are a peachy peach!

Love and kisses all over!


Arctida said...

Ohhh, so much talent in here! You've included lots of my personal favs :)

Leanne said...

Nice round-up of lovely things!! I really like my friend Alyssa's shop (revamp boutique). And I especially love every day moment's fine art photographs along with b-line's jewelry! Ssswwweeettt!

Valerie said...

I'm not sure HOW I missed this post, as I do visit your blog a lot...but in way late fashion---Thank you!!

On a funnier note, I had a local customer meet with me to get a pair of earrings she had bought from me. I noticed she was wearing a pair of----YOURS! (I recognized them instantly too---amazing how everyone has such a distinctive style)