Tuesday, September 30

Back into the Swing of Things

Hi Everyone!!

We're back from our trip and are slowly but surely catching up to the fast beat of the city :) I have tons of pictures to share so get ready for some wilderness posts later this week! OH, and Peach Picks Thursday!!



Julia said...

WOW! That waterfall looks SO COOL :) How was it? Did you love your trip? Did you want to come back? Have the kitties kissed you HEAPS, saying Where did you go for so long?


Melissa said...

Great shot! Is that Jared ?

ThePeachTree said...

Melissa: That is Jared! Aka Blogmaster2000 :)

Julie: We did NOT want to come back and actually considered air lifting the cats up to the mountain!!

the b-line said...

Looks idyllic! I'm jealous, but glad you're back!

Leanne said...

I've always wanted to go to the Catskill Mountains! I'm sure you had a lovely time. Happy Fall... and welcome back to the city.

Rosebud Collection said...

Can't wait to see all the pictures..
Glad you had a great time..

Jaimee said...

From this photo, it looks like it was a great trip. Excited to see more!