Tuesday, September 2

Afternoon Tea: A Treasury

Cup Cosies from sewsewcrafty

I feel like it's been ages since I broke down a treasury curation for you :) Some may find it silly but there's something ornate and soothing to me in putting these together.

Tea Tree Facial Soap (Vegan) from CottonwoodHerbals

I grew especially attached to this collection as it centered around the earl grays and distant hues of my very favorite, relaxing beverage: tea.

Champagne Pearl Earrings from lillyella

I'm especially excited about this one as it hit the big time! That's right! At 1:30pm yesterday afternoon, it was displayed on the front page of etsy. Talk about a plaster grin on my face, people :)

haze (scarf) from artish

So here they all are. The group itself has since expired but feel free to click away at each image to find out more about these amazing, inspiring artists!

Late For Tea Dress from Makool

tea towel set - fall collection from redpajamas

The Kiss - Original silkscreen print from estasketch

Trio of Green Celadon Tea Bowls from clayslingingmama

Crochet Bath and Shower Puff from MyissaG

Original Series Tea Bag String Cup from baileydoesntbark

Turkish Delight - 4oz loose leaf artisan tea blend from TeaNoir

Garden Tea Dress from rareturtle

Tea and Cake - Print from amberalexander

Many items sold out from the Collection which is SOOO exciting!! Because of that, you'll see the cutest little teacup cozie in this screen shot (also seen at the top of this post)

Have a wonderful week and Happy Tea Season!!


Melissa said...

What a great collection this was. The cup cosie is soo cute. :) I love Tea as well. :) Although around here most people drink Sweet Tea. LOL! I do love a nice hot cup of Breakfast Tea :)

quaint handmade said...

congratulations on your etsy fame! you always show such respect on your blog for the artists you feature by using large images surrounded by lots of white space. we're really able to appreciate the item. love your tea collection.

ThePeachTree said...


I'm still having a hard time getting used to that Sweet Tea! That's all you can get down there!

Elizabeth said...

I love all things tea. Especially that tea bag cup from bailydoesn'tbark. Lovely selections, and congrats on your front-page status!

Julia said...

You know I loved this treasury :) LOVED IT! With two huge heaping teaspoons of sugar loved it!

Earl Grey is one of my utmost favorite teas as well. I'm so excited for the weather to turn a little more chilly so I can enjoy the morning tea visits with my hubby with the windows open and the air conditioner turned OFF!

How you had an amazing weekend, dearest!

Alyssa said...

Great picks! Love pretty much everything:)

picciolo said...

great collection! My favourite is the first dress, just gorgeous
: )

Everyday Moments said...

I missed your front page, but what an amazing treasury!! I love the soothing colors. Your treasuries are always a treat :). Congrats!

Arctida said...

Oh, that treasury was absolutely stunning! I mean, how can one not to like tea! :) Congrats peach!

twolefthands said...

I think I missed this front page, but it is so pretty! Congratulations!

Leanne said...

Tea season! I like Bailey Doesn't Bark's Etsy shop. Ohhh, and I really like Amber Alexander's work. Have you posted about her work before? Front page, huh? Nice work. Lovely collection.