Thursday, September 25

3 days of Children's Books: Day 2

Oh yes!! Day two of Children's books brings The Red Ripe Strawberry. Do you ever just remember a moment with a scent?? I can actually remember how this book smelled as you pulled each page over the next :) There's something purely magical about that, don't you think?!?

My second pick is The Story about Ping. This book bordered on scary for me as I always became so nervous for little Ping as we neared the end of his tale as I new he'd get his little duck booty smacked for good measure. But beyond that, it has remained a very important childhood book for me :)

I saved my very favorite for last so be sure to check back tomorrow!!

Happy Thursday!!


blue said...

You should check out Bayard and their series of StoryBoxBooks, AdventureBoxBooks, and DiscoveryBoxBooks.
There's lots going on too:
This Month Storybox has guest illustrator Helen Oxenbury featured.

There's a Readathon happening in UK and Ireland -
There's a Ghost Drawing competition in AdventureBoxBooks assiciated with the Polka Theatre ( )

Art Kitten said...

I remember the story about the mouse...but not the duck. The most important childhood book for me was a book called"No No Joan" because it was the first book I had ever read. I lost it a few years ago, and have been looking for another copy...

please sir said...

Wow - love your book round-up. These are so fun to look at - and even remember!

missknits said...

this has been really fun! i love your picks, even if i never heard of them! lol

Cindy said...

Wonderful books!!

I'm tagging you! Here is what you do. List 7 things about yourself and then go tag 7 other people!! Have fun!!

the b-line said...

What a fun feature idea! And I don't think I've ever seen either of these two books. I'll keep them in mind for any future baby bees!

Leanne said...

I do not recall " The Red Ripe Strawberry" though I do sort of remember "The Story about Ping." Childhood flashback... :)