Thursday, August 14

Peach Picks: The White Rule

Feminine Lacy from shezzy

Now we all know of this silly little rule of no white after labor day. You know, really, I'm not even sure how much people still abide by this. But, I thought, why not dedicate a Peach Picks to all of the wonderfully white things we could use all year round!

Enjoy :)

reaching from allieart4children

Hand Silkscreened Mens Cream and White Necktie Dinosaur from satisfactory

Textured Vase/Utensil Crock from MSPottery

Swiss Dot Puffy Sleeve Shirt from hollystalder

Jersey Coffee Cable Bench from ryandart

Simple White Moonstone Ring from studiometalsmith

Pure from OldMoneybotanicals

Birthing Bracelet from edelmade

Sprout Bud Vase from alinahayes

cream bolero from larimeloom

DEW from SeaFindDesigns

Happy Thursday!!


quaint handmade said...

i really love your picks today! have a great day!

Nikki said...

You have some beautiful picks today!
I love white!

Waterrose said...

How beuatiful and I love that first outfit. I have ignored the "white" rule ever since I moved to Arizona about 12 years ago.

Jaimee said...

That Holly Stalder Top is stunning!

please sir said...

Oh yes white is great - that ring is so lovely!

Alyssa said...

Great stuff! I don't abide by that "white rule" - I'm sure some people are pained as I walk down the street - hahaha! I adore that top by Stalder - she is on my list of "buys".

zamzam design said...

All I can say: beautiful. I really like the Sprout Bud Vase, but really, alll your picks are great! White rules :)!

Leanne said...

These dresses are so pretty! Where was the post when I need to pick-out a dress for two weddings in late spring? :)

Thank you for highlighting such lovely Etsy shops. I like those pottery shop links!

Julia said...

Yeah, you just, like posted ALL OF MY FAVORITES :) Or new favorites!

Great white selection!

TheBrassHussy said...

these are all great items with incredible pics! Reminds me that I need a new camera!