Thursday, August 28

Peach Picks: Family

(Your Family Tree Customised Bunting from Hoolala)

Well HELLO there!! Man, what a week!

As you may not be aware, I had my lovely mother in town all of last week wrapping it up with the arrival of my brother and his family for the weekend. The smarty pants in me had blog posts all set to launch each day so as not to seem adrift from the computer world. BUT who new that it would take me all of THIS week to finally get caught up on everything l missed the week before?!?

So as my first Peach Pick back into the swing of things, I thought I'd dedicate it to the people dearest to us that we may take for granted the most:

Our Family :)

Female and Male Union from AllenesBeads

Family Arch Decal from ScribbleIt

Siamese twins - pendant from yaelfran

Personalized Custom Silhouette Print from lepapierdesigns

Hung Out To Dry - Print from falldowntree

The Owl Family Ring from dillondesigns

Birds on a Wire from EarthArt

Customized/personalized Birthstone/Family Bracelet from JeMSjewels

Family Fun RECYCLEry from CLAMORED

Personalize Family Tree Dish from elmstudiosonline

a family to dress from goosegrease

What have you been up too??


vana chupp said...

love, LOVE, your picks!
Thanks for including my print!

please sir said...

Such amazing finds - love them all!

quaint handmade said...

i love your picks and really want to make a set of the family to dress!

thanks for your note on our blog - no need to wait until next year, there's always christmas break ;)!

Alyssa said...

Such a fun blog! Loved the items:) Especially my dear and talented friend, Vana.

Julia said...

This was such a sweet, meaningful post Ms Peach! I loved so many of these picks, I want to go shopping RIGHT NOW!

I missed you this past week, but it sounds like you were busy, busy busy with heaps of family fun :)

missknits said...

hope you had a good visit with your family! i know for me, its always fun to have them, but also nice to get my place back to myself too!

love all the picks you found! the owl family is too cute!

littlebyRD said...

These are ALL such wonderful picks!

the b-line said...

Awww...I'm going to see my family this weekend. Thanks for showing some lovely picks!

Arctida said...

Wow! They are all so pretty!

blazedanielle said...

What awesome picks!! :) I love your taste! You got it girl! ;)

picciolo said...

what lovely choices, as usual!
: )

BeadedTail said...

Beautiful choices! What a great tribute to family!

mindy said...

Thanks so much for including my birthstone is in such amazing company! I love Birds on Wire!!

*az said...

i love the goosegrease wooden family. i even like them naked (blush) ;)

Rachel said...

That owl family ring is absolutely wonderful!

Leanne said...

My family is pretty dysfunctional but I like your Family Peach Pick never-the-less! I love Yaelfran's shop especially that siamese twins pendant! Ah, you added my friend Vana's prints {so cute}. The family dolls are great- so original! I hope you had a nice visit with your family. Have a nice weekend...