Wednesday, July 16

Peach Picks: Sport

Ping Time from IMOTIME

I've never been good at sports but I have whole heartedly convinced myself that if I had more confidence growing up, I just might have at least had some fun with it!!

I did, however, grow up with season tickets to the UW Badgers hockey games and enjoy endless home football gatherings. Some of my absolute favorite things to do include our few and far between trips to the bowling alley, tossing around the football on the beach and getting some people together for a good old fashioned frisbee toss.

So this is my ode to those who have the coordination, determination and strength to get out there and kick some serious butt :)

I Love My Bicycle from BarrelOfMonkeys

Fenway Park's Green Monster Seats from fraskedesigns

Leather Necklace from ThunderRockSports

YO YO YO from benfloeter

Vintage style lemon peel baseball from LemonBall

Out for a Float Kayak Necklace from LoonSongDesigns

Three Comparadun Trout Flies from mountainriverflies

1949 Vintage Ephemera from sushipot

Golf tee holder from ritasangels

Bowling Ball and Vintage Bag from whiteelephantvintage

No go out there and get em!!


Julia said...

Okay, I know where to look the next time my Dad's birthday comes 'round! GREAT sports picks!

I wasn't really the athlete. I swam on a swim team. I'm the girl at "community events" running away from the baseballs thrown my way.

*scurry, scurry*

littlebyRD said...

I totally agree with Julia - GREAT mens gifts! My husband would love the golf tee's. Me? I'm partial to the yo-yo's.

Rachel said...

I really like the I heart my bicycle buttons!

Marie said...

Ok, I NEED to get that pingpong racket clock!!! I just need to find who i'm going to give it to first:-/
And thanks so much for your visit & comment :-))

picciolo said...

what great finds, I love the blue of the bowling ball bag.
I'm going to add you to my list of blogs if thats ok?
: )

ThePeachTree said...


I would be honored!!

Rosebud Collection said...

What a bunch of good picks..Sometimes it is so hard to find things for did a great job.

Jaimee said...

Love those Yo-Yos!!!

Cary said...

those yo yo's are great! i always find great new things here:)

The Lil Bee said...

This is one of the most awesome posts I have ever seen. Seriously. LOVE these photos! Such a great idea.

Ursula said...

Oh, I'm so horrible at sports! I'd love to be one of those girls that can play anything, but sadly, no. I'd go bowling with that beautiful blue bag from White Elephant Vintage though!

please sir said...

These are such fun picks!