Thursday, July 10

Peach Picks: 3 isn't the only Magic #

(LADY MARMALADE recycled vintage object sculpture 1000 PIECES no.23 from Artsy)

One of my nieces just turned 2 (the other at the beginning of next month) and I began thinking of all of the things she'll be learning soon. Animal recognition, colors, numbers. Then I thought, WOW! Wouldn't numbers be a great thing to search on Etsy?!?

This is what I came up with :)

A Squared - EDGY Collection from thetypejunkie

Recycled Sail Middie Purse - Red 6 from reiter8

Green Number Pile Set 0-31 from halffullmartini

LUNAR 9 Vintage Collage Necklace from 19Moons

Large Vintage Printed Flashcard from thisgoodday

Pick your number.....porcelain wall pillow from stepanka

Birdie Designs Combo 15 Bingo Magnets from birdiedesignsstudio

NUMBERS 4 from CitrusTree

8x8 Paymaster 3 from f2images

numbered from missplum

Tape Measure - Sterling Silver Necklace from CNYResinCo

Notebook number 1 from esoule

Thanks to little lady Madeline for the inspiration this week!!


littlebyRD said...

Love this collection of photos!

please sir said...

Wow, wow, wow - loving all these numbers! Amazing finds!

Julia said...

Okay, this is the most incredible post! I love/adore these treasure's you've found!

Great job!

Krissy said...

Great finds! I am totally going on a shopping spree :)

Nikki said...

I love the green # pile! Great picks!

Rachel said...

The porcelain wall pillow is so cool! Very unique and creative.

reiter8 said...

Thanks for featuring my recycled sail bag!
I really love the diversity of the disciplines that have a common thread! Lovely.

Jaimee said...

I love that tote. It's been on my favorites list for some time - just waiting for some "Me Money"!!!