Wednesday, June 4

The Upside Down Post

I've been making a few changes here at the Peach Tree Brooklyn. I'm going to be beefing up a lot of the side bar info and getting into a daily posting routine. I'd love to hear what you think day to day as things get added and changed around. I'm trying to get a more congruous feel to the whole Peach experience :)

In honor of all that's happening, I thought I'd switch up the layout of my usual treasury post. I think, too easily, the "breakdown of talent" can be overlooked. And isn't that really the whole point :) This time we'll see all of the artists individually (in all their glory!) then as a collective. Without further ado, away we go!

encounter by ellemoss

Aqua Turquoise Mum Ring by dangsworld

made to order vintage fabric tube dress by themachinestops

The Little Mermaid by babastudioPrague

she was taking THIS ONE home by corid

Teal on Off White Cardinal on Agapanthus by joom

Serving For 6 by lorenabarrezueta

Vintage Halter Top TEAL ROMPER by stephaniebracciano

Hello Little Bird by erinzam

Morning Star by irregularexpressions

Sea by elfine

Simple Circle Earrings by stephaniegibson

All together for the 1st time! The picture below will take you to the Treasury until Thursday 9am EST. From then on, it will be here. Thanks for coming by today! Look forward to further spruce ups and maybe a surprise or two!!


Julia said...

I noticed the layout switcheroo right off the bat and it looks GREAT! I love the feel of the sidebars on both sides. It gives your posts a lot of room too! This treasury, by the way, is DIVINE! Has it made it to the front page yet? It deserves to!

I love the dresses especially :)


ThePeachTree said...

Ms. Otter,

Thanks for the feedback! I'm still playing around with things but so far I really like it :) This treasury hasn't made it to the show yet but fingers are crossed!

Melissa said...

Looking forward to all the changes. And I love the new look. :)

Jaimee said...

NICE, I Like It!

ABreathOfFrenchAir said...

I really like the new look too! I'm going to have to work on mine so that it flows as well as yours!

Sara Czukal said...

Very nice layout clean and simple. That looks like a beautiful treasury. I liked the way you featured each artist!

divalovessilver said...

every nice layout!!!!!! i love it!!!
my blog just 3 day old .^^ and it looks so unpro for me now. i should change my layout ..i really love your blog...