Wednesday, May 7

A walk across the Brooklyn Bridge

We were finally able to open up spring in the city with a gorgeous walk over the Brooklyn Bridge. As perviously promised, here is a photographic journey :)

We came across this traveling man just under the overpass, as we walked up the stairs to gain entrance to the footpath.

After 7 years of living in the city, we still love to play tourist. We've walked by these buildings down in DUMBO a hundred times, but to see them from this view point makes them brand new again.

12:05pm at the Watchtower.

Jared noticed this pack of bikers heading up the BQE. We later found them out to be a part of the Five Boro Bike Tour. The event actually sold out for entries as it had reached it's cap of 30,000 riders!

After settling onto Manhattan soil, we picked a direction and kept on moving.

We make a point of taking streets and paths which we've never traveled through before. You know, mix things up.

Finishing up in Tribeca, we stopped and grabbed some lunch. BUT I've left out the most amazing part of the trip:

As we were making our final decent down the bridge into Manhattan, Jared spotted a wallet just in front of us on the pedestrian path. I snatched it up and we went on our way. Later, when we made it to our table at the restaurant we pulled it out and started our detective work in hopes of returning it to it's (at this point much worried) rightful owner.

It turned out to belong to a French woman who, amongst credit cards, etc, also had her passport tucked away. Serious indeed!! Jared, Indiana Jones himself, noticed a key card with the hotel name "Milford Plaza" and the rest is history. We called the hotel, got in a cab, met the much distressed, incredibly relieved woman in the lobby and handed over the goods :) She didn't speak a word of English and we, not a word of French but she cried, we hugged and we all went our separate ways.

Life, there's nothing like it!!


Melissa said...

Looks like a great walk! I LOVE the last picture there with the flowers in it. That one is great. :)

Krissy said...

that is such a sweet ending to a lovely walk! there's not enough people on earth like you ;)

erinpetersonart said...

I can't believe that poor lady lost her wallet and passport!
I just saw on the news about a guy who left a 4 million dollar violin on a cab and was lucky enough to retrieve it. To thank them, he played a private concert for the cabbies!

ThePeachTree said...

I saw that on the news last night! Amazing isn't it :) We had a friend in town that left his cell phone in a cab and the cabbie called his contacts until she located him and actually came to our apartment to drop it off to him!

Julia said...

Oh my god! How amazing that you guys saw it first! WHEW! Thank god for lovely people like you :)

By the way, Ms Peach, these photos are great! I love all the architecture!

Someday, I'll see it all in person!

Melissa Lewis-Off The Wall said...

thanks for the walk through NY. I wish I was there for real.

What a great story at the end there. Love it when things like that happen:)

T said...

What a fun adventure you had...and ended up as heroes to boot! Lovely photos of the beauty that is NY.

Rosebud Collection said...

I really enjoyed your blog and the trip though N.Y.C..the end was the best..How great this woman had you find her wallet..your good deed will come right back at you..bless you both..

Diana said...

Incredible photos, and what a fun adventure. I'm housebound with first trimester morning sickness, and so needed the bright excursion. You've no idea. :)

What a beautiful, happy ending. You made someone's vacation. Karma, karma; I hope all the good comes back to you tenfold.

missknits said...

what a great tour!! thanks for taking us along! your photographs are beautiful and what a good deed, i am sure that woman won't forget you two!

Nikki said...

Beautiful pictures, and what a sweet story.