Thursday, May 22

The Tag Train

The Tag Train has come into station yet again here at the Peach Blog. My little feline friend over at Art Kitten's Art Shop has put me at the mercy of revealing "Seven Random Irrelevant Things about Me".

Let's do things a little differently this time!

7 Random things on and around my desk that I've purchased from Etsy:

1. A Kitty Bed from Kirstenlovesdinner

2. A buttercream Coaster from MyissaG

3. a Bubble Mailer from JwlrySupply

4. A little Cotton Ball Bowl from SosoRosey

5. An ACEO similar to this from DippyLulu

6. This print from ClayGiraffe

7. An Owl from Audealine

And a whole mess of other crap :) And for the moment, a little rolly polly we call Bama:

*Disclaimer: Not so scraggly in real life

And let's see, the next Stops on the Tag Train (I'll only torture 3):


Happy Thursday!


Michelle said...

...lovely twist on the randoms! =) Lovely links, too..your desk must look wonderful!

Art Kitten said...

Love it! Especially the pic of your cute cute kitty :)

blazedanielle said...

Hee hee! Fun post! :) I love your etsy finds! :)

JLC Studio said...

Great way to shake up the blogger Tag game! So fun :)