Thursday, May 29

Peach Picks: Solid

It's time for another day of Peach Picks! So back in line with the era of Free Love I said to Etsy, "Do me a solid!"

And here's what I found :)

8x8 Tomato by f2images

Casual Brown Pleated Clutch by effiehandmade

TOMATO RED vintage gown by bamabelle

Furry Berries necklace by glasfaden

Vintage Diane Von Furstenberg Blue Dress by createjacksonville

More in a bit!


heidi said...

gorgeous images!

JLC Studio said...

Love the vintage dress! Such a pretty color :)

f2images said...

PeachTree! Thank you for including my sassy tomato in your picks! What an honor to be among such choice picks ;)

glasfaden said...

Thank you so much for featuring my item in your picks! Pretty picks! Love them all! :)

simple vintage said...

just found this and wanted to say thank you so much for featuring the DVF dress from my shop