Thursday, May 29

Peach Picks: Solid Part 2

I've decided I'm going to keep this same solid theme today. So often we're bombarded with pattern and designs, it's nice to have a little one dimension every once and awhile. Not to say that any of these amazing works are one dimensional!

Moving right along:

Tumblers by BottleBottoms

Spring Love Body Bar by nordeasoaperie

Crocus Vase in White by kimwestad

Teal Nest For Your Tresses by juliepersons

Send us your own shoes by ndeurshoes

V-neck Hemp Tank Dress by gaiaconceptions

I'll have one last post today to wrap everything together :) Don't miss it!


Julia said...

Sweet. Simple. Succulent. LOVELY!

I love those green glasses at the top!


design for mankind. said...

Great finds! :)

Melissa said...

I LOVE that Vase :)