Friday, May 2

I love to laugh

Okay, I know it's tough to watch videos sometimes. Your either at work, baby's sleeping, or like me, just too lazy to pull out my head phones and pop them in to the back of my computer :)

(by shuusei as seen on etsy)

But I'm telling you, fan or not of this movie (see "Childs Play" for full reaches of our movie lunacy) you'll be sure to have a chuckle at the very least. It's not long, a hair under a minute 30. You can do it, then you'll thank me for talking you into it!

Have a wonderful weekend! Stay tuned Sunday for our Featured Artist of the week that you will NOT want to miss!!


The Nature Nut said...

That was fun! Makes me miss the good old days on Saturday Night Live. Thanks for sharing - it made me smile :o)

Krissy said...

nice! thanks for sharing a friday smile!

Art Kitten said...

my little buttercup, you gave me the sweetest smile from this :) This is one of my all time favs. Thanks for a great start to the weekend!

Julia said...

LOL! You are too cute! This is a perfect way to enjoy a Friday afternoon at work :)

ThePeachTree said...

It's one of our favorites as well :) If only they could have featured a bit of the singing bush in this montage!