Friday, May 16

Big Mutha Cuppa & The Gift

As a part of my New Years "Get Healthy" promise, I've been trying to really get serious about drinking the recommended 8 cups of water per day. While Jared and I were out to the race a few weekends back, we stopped off at The Chip Shop for a pint and a mouth watering platter of Fish and Chips (not very healthy, I know, but I'm getting to that part). While perusing their kitschy Brittish decor, my eyes fell upon the largest, most coolest mug I'd ever seen!! It was:

The Big Mutha Cuppa

This sucker holds 32oz!! So, I am now on the 2 Mutha Cuppa challenge: All I have to do is finish off two of these cups a day to get my recommended intake :) WOOT!!

On another note, since our Derby post, I was contacted by the lovely, amazingly talented, super swell lady of Mosey. I was to send her my snail mail address, no questions asked (I included the no questions asked but it just makes for more excitement!).

I opened up my mailbox yesterday to find a beautifully wrapped package which I immediately tore open to devour whatever it's contents may be. This is what I found:

The sweetest little brooch you ever did see! She calls them "For the Roses" and I'm honored to have one! And just in time for the Preakness! Thank you so much Miss Mosey!!

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!!


Rosebud Collection said...

What a nice size cup..What a pretty brooch you received..Fun getting mail/packages.

diana @ please sir said...

Such a cute brooch - have a great weekend!

Victoria said...

Adorable brooch! It would make me want to raise my big mutha cup, (if i had one) and drink a toast to it! :0)

Julia said...

WHOOT WHOOT! what a great brooch! I love the packaging!

By the way, that cuppa is awesome! That's what they would say all the time, over in Birmingham, UK, "you wanna a cuppa" meaning: would you like a cup of tea?

How's the water drinking going? I try doing that challenge every once in a while and get so tired of running to the loo for a wee. Oi!