Thursday, April 3

On the Road Again

It's always the same time each year when we get the itch to get out on the open road :)

We both grew up taking long car trips and exploring the old west.

(this is Charlie. he was our mazda 3 rental from our trip to Lake Tahoe. Hey Charlie!!! Woot!!)

There's nothing like riding horseback over the mountain tops of Wyoming! Of course, being immersed in the daily hubbub of a nonstop, ever moving city, it's hard to truly believe those peace havens still exist. Now I'm a recent firm believer in art imitating life (or definitely trying to!) as these are my two latest creations:

Grand Canyon


So there's no real travel plans in our feature as of yet. But my mind is set on the horizon!


Waterrose said...

I love car trips too...we explored for a couple of months last fall...lake tahoe, pismo beach, portland...loved all of it!

Your new creations are perfect!

Crazy Times Candle & Bath Co. said...

That would be such a great trip!

In a few years when the kids are a bit older we'll have to make it that way!

T said...

Your new pieces are so great and really give you a sense of the place they are named after. Beautiful! Hope you get to go on your roadtrip soon - what fun! :)

Sleepy Cat Hollow said...

Clicked on your blog and and noticed Lake Tahoe right away ~ less than 45 minutes from me. :)

And I too love Wyoming, especially Laramie and Kaycee.

Beautiful jewelry!

gina said...

Peach tree, those landscape photos are beautiful. It makes me want to go visit my boyfriend, he lives in Laramie, WY, actually. Beautiful stones! :-)

Shannon said...

I know all about wanting to get out of the city being from one myself, and then I go visit a bigger one, LOL.
Is that you out on the rock?

ThePeachTree said...

Shannon, we do that too sometimes! That is me out on the rock :)

picciolo said...

love your new creations! can't wait to read about your next trip
: )

Julia said...

I completely understand this feeling! It acts up especially in the spring. If I had a series of books named after locations I want to visit they would be as follows:
1. Isle of Skye Journal
2. Vancouver Notebook
3. Boston Sketchbook

Soon, right? Soon, these trips will happen!

ThePeachTree said...

Ms. Otter, you crack me up!!

Morning Artist said...

Hi Peach, I enjoy following your blog. These photos are awesome, as awesome as the artist in you :)