Wednesday, March 5

Snow in Syros

Spring is fast approaching and I don't feel like I've gotten my winter wilds out. Growing up in WI there were always mounds and fields of snow to romp and roll about in. Cold wet snow getting packed into your boots. Losing the feeling in the tip of your nose. Hiding out in a igloo tunnel with built in shelves for hot chocolate that couldn't have really been called "hot" by actual definition.

Anyway, I mention this now as I came across this incredible photographer on Flickr and was drawn in by this picture of a handsome young snowman.

If only he would come to New York on holiday :) I know everyone's getting wild for spring but I still have my fingers crossed for March to go out like a lion!


TexasTesla said...

I'm so ready for winter to end - we've had plenty of snow days, thank you very much! :-)

Great pics of your jewelry, BTW - very crisp!

twolefthands said...

I love winter and I'm always sad when it's over! I spend my whole summer waiting for fall!