Thursday, March 6

Ode to the Rupes

The following is a story of a loving little man entering into true adult hood. A photo journey if you will. Won't you join me in a tale of love, discovery, family and understanding. Some might say, the story of a century. Others may not. Either way, he's our little man and, heck, I want to show him off!!

Meet Ruprecht. 2 weeks old. Not a care in the world.

He quickly learned the way to move up in the world.

Yes, he was a man among boys.

The day came for everyone to say their goodbyes as their lives as individuals were about to begin.

What would happen to our little hero?

Make himself right at home is what!

He soon fell in step amongst his new family.

Even an avid shopper on etsy! When he's not on break that is...

So why this ridiculous display of companion love you may ask? Ruprecht will be going under the knife next week to be relieved of the burden of procreating manhood. He'll stay our A sexual little guy till the end of his days :)

Rupes, We love you buddy!!


mvegan said...

awww! ;0) Super cutenes... look at that furriness and beautiful blues! See your indiepublic efc banner, you can also join/add the banner for etsy for animals on indie public ;) Hope all is great!!! Michele

Shannon said...

Aww, he is sweet and all your other kitties!
Good Story;)

Mishkat said...

Thanks for posting these great pictures - Ruprecht is adorable

Aria Images by Melody said...

haha! The cutest story! I loved it! And I love his name. Very cool! :)

The Taylor Fam said...

Thanks for the comment on my blog! I love your blog. It is so colorful & fun. I have added you to my friends list.
~Sara Jane

Megan McGory said...

omg this cat is adorable! Love the picture of him at 2 weeks :D. (Thanks for the comment on my blog! Took me a couple days to see it for some reason but I did find it!)

yellowfish said...

oh, what a cutie!

Arian said...

I love this little guy!
He reminds me the days when my four feline friends were little furry balls.