Friday, March 14

Grandma's Place

I think the anticipation is ripe enough to pluck since my planting of the "Mystery Etsy Trad-A-Holics Feature" seed. So, my friends, without further ado. I give you:

Grandma's Pillows Plus

"The name was derived from the fact that my dear Grandmother made her own styled, uniquely "3-D" pillows (Grandpa helped too)! She and my Grandfather sold them at craft fairs, flea markets and such. People just loved them!
I have decided that someone should continue the tradition of these unique, beautiful pillows of hers. I previously have made these for gifts, and won first and second places for them at County Fairs."

She is also very active in the Etsy community

"I have proudly joined these groups:"
CAST_ETSY (Christian Artists)
DIY Scene
Etsy Friends

Check out her BLOG!!

It's been such a pleasure getting to know more about this lovely family oriented shop. I hope you enjoyed the walk on over to Tucson! Ya'll come back now!


KnitANDPearl said...

Very cool! I love her work!

Rosebud Collection said...

What beautiful work..