Thursday, March 13

Etsy Trade-A-Holics Feature

Muffintopdesign and AKHotdoggies over at Etsy Trade-A-Holics thought up this lovely blog feature swap! The best part is that the willing participants do not know at which blog site they will find their feature! Thus building traffic and awareness for the unending abundance of Etsy talent around us! I was snooping around this afternoon and found mine done by TLC Says.

So a HUGE thank you to Terri, the master mind behind the blog! She also is the talent behind Callidora!

So check out the feature, check out the blog, check out the shop, fill up your cart and check out :)

**Check back tomorrow for my mystery blog feature!!**


Nora said...

That's a great idea. It helps us newbies out a lot.

RainbowMom said...

What a fantastic idea! :D

Morning Artist said...

Thanks for sharing this. I salute everyone who goes the extra mile to help others.

I enjoyed reading your posts. Lovely blog, shop and writing :) I'm glad to have found your blog.

Cicada Studio said...

Good luck with your collective features! Thanks for dropping by my blog yesterday and leaving a comment.

Alaska Hot Doggies said...

Well done!!