Saturday, March 15

Etsy For Animals

I feel a shame growing deep for having YET to place a blurb and a half on the blog (say that 3 times fast!) about the ever wonderful Etsy For Animals!

Here's a snippit of explanation off their blog:

Etsy for animals (EFA) is a street team, or group of artists and craftspeople on who love and help animals, many of whom donate some portion of their sales to animal rescues and charities. (It is not required to donate to animal charities to belong to the group). Please check out our Charity of the Month to see who we are supporting this month as a group and past charities we have donated to, or view our members or charities for more information.

And here's some items you can pick up at the shop where 100% of the proceeds go to charity!

And if anyone wants to teach me the nuances of the mysterious etsy mini to me, by all means PLEASE!! I'm BEGGING you!

Okay, I'm okay. So get shopping my friends and make a difference in a furry, finny, scaley, and all around cuddly creatures life :)

PS. One of the amazing women behind Etsy for Animals, Mvegan5, was the 1st to introduce me to the land of Etsy. Show her some love!


mvegan said...

Sooo nice, thank you so much!!!! ;)) Michele

Mishkat said...

Yay for EFA! I love all the items you've featured, including Michele's 3 Friends cards.

UniqueNurseGranny said...

Always enjoy your blog.A worthy cuse and sweet pics

~Stella said...

They have a very cool shop!

I finally finished the tag thingy...I'm so slow!
There's a Whole Lotta Tagging Goin' On

Callooh Callay said...

To the rescue! Skully on Autonomous Artisans blog has a great tutorial on Etsy minis.

Great story!

Infinite Cosmos said...

what a great group and beautiful pictures! I will look into joining them!