Friday, February 22

Meet the Team

I thought I would take this opportunity to introduce the team behind "The Peach Tree". Our creations would not be possible without even the smallest member. We respect the opinion and conviction of each and every one. It can be quite the challenge with such big ego and character among us. With a little reverence and many an up hill battle, we've managed to pull together and really pump some beauties out. With out further ado, I give you, the brains behind our operation: 


Position: Creative Analyst
Previous Occupation: Meter Maid
Motto: So it shall be written

The Duke
Position: Inventory Supervisor
Previous Occupation: Go Go Dancer
Motto: She's like the Wind


Position: Personal Assistant
Previous Possition: Dish Washer
Motto: Oh what a good boy am I

They were last seen hard at work:


Tizzalicious said...

They're all so cute!

Sygnet Creations said...

What a great group of workers you have there!!!!

soandsewcrafty said...

Oh, can I hire them? They are adorable!

Thanks for popping over to my blog earlier!

UniqueGrabs said...

Oooohhh....! I like Ruprecht... so cute!

I'm surprised to receive your comments on my blog!


Jezabels Jewels said... adorable! lol, my, terribly jealous.

now they want a little bit of blog fame, too ;P

Heather said...

Cutest team ever!