Saturday, February 23

Etsy for Charity

We are the featured seller of the week for Etsy for Charity! This is an marvelous group of fellow etsians who donate items into a collective to be sold with 100% of the proceeds going to help others. Here's more about them:

You can also view our feature spread here :)

Who are we?
+ A group of dedicated Etsyians who feel the need to give. Every month we pick from a selection of charities that the members put into the poll. The charity with the most votes gets our attention for that month.
+ Since every month its a new charity, more charities get attention and donations :).
+ You don't have to just live in the US either. we're a group that spans the globe. So we try and pick charities we all can donate to $$ wise.
Do I have to donate to the monthly charity?
It'd be really super if you did, but no, you won't be forced to donate to anything you don't want to. And if you don't want to give a $$ donation you're more than welcome to donate an item to the EFC shop where 100% of the proceeds after the fees go to that charity of the month.
What if I already donate to charities?
Awesome! so do I! I actually run a charity group! :). Just because you donate to other charities outside the monthly one doesn't mean that you can't join. If you don't want to do $$ donation for the charity of the month AND your own charities that you support, again, you can offer items to the shop and not have to worry about it :).
Don't you guys do monthly challenges too?
Yup! I started the idea for the group to try and instate a challenge every month. the challenge items get put into the shop, voted on, and the winner either gets to pick from the prize bucket (gifts and offers EFC members put into the bucket) OR get a "seller of the week" post in the blog (this will be happening more often now that I'm back in the country :) )
... I don't like your monthly challenge idea
thats fine. You're not forced to join them. Its just a fun way to promote your shop and be challenged with the things you make.
Where do I sign up?
You can join the EFC ning site:

Shop at the Etsy store:

We also have a blog:
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